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The lottery for PFAA will be held on March 7, 2018 at 4pm. While the lottery is a public event and anyone is welcome to attend, the fastest way to view the results after the lottery is by checking your email and logging in to your Infosnap account (link that is unique to you will be found in the email).


Verifying Preferences

Natomas Charter School conducts a three-step preference verification process. The first step occured during your intake meeting, the second step was completed by our office staff and the final step is an email confirmation sent out on Friday, March 2, 2018. Please check for this email and contact the office to which you applied by Monday, March 5, 2018 at 4:00 pm if you have any corrections.


Checking Lottery Results

Immediately following the lottery seated and waitlist information will be sent via email and posted in your Infosnap account. If you are offered a spot you will need to accept or decline by Friday, March 23, 2018 at 4:00 pm. This deadline is extremely important so that we can properly schedule students for next year.


If you applied to both PFAA and Leading Edge you may only choose one spot. Any offers not accepted by Friday, March 23, 2018 at 4:00 pm may be given to the next family on the waitlist.


Waitlist Process

If your student is initially placed on the waitlist in 6th or 9-12th grade please continue to check for updates. For the first few weeks after the lottery, there will likely be significant movement on the waitlist as families accept or decline spots. Whenever you would like updated waitlist information you can login to your Infosnap account. The system will also send an email whenever there is a change in your status. As soon as a spot becomes available the system will email you. Waitlist information will not be posted on our website or shared over the phone.


Need Additional Help?

The best way to access the most up-to-date information regarding your student’s lottery results or waitlist placement is to log-in to your Infosnap account.  If you are having trouble logging in please use the “Forgot Password” link. We do not have access to your login or password information. If you have any additional questions please contact the academy to which you applied.

Posted by: Joe Wood
Published: 3/2/18

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The NCS school year calendar for 2018-19 is now available.  Please note that this calendar includes days in session holidays, and the beginning and end of term, it does not include minimum days and special schedules. Those will be determined later this school year.

Posted by: Matthew DeMeritt
Published: 1/21/18

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P4A Talent Showcase Tickets Now Available: Come support the PFAA community and our talented students by attending the first big event of the 2017-2018 school year!

  • Date - Friday, September 15th
  • Time - Doors open at 5:00pm (for dinner hour) / Show starts at 6:00pm
  • Place - PFAA's Outdoor Amphitheater
  • Price $10 pre-sale* through Pay Schools or $13 at the door (no hidden fees!)

* Each ticket purchased includes a $5 voucher issued at the door to be used toward food truck orders. Food trucks will accept those vouchers, cash, debit and credit card payments and will be on site for the duration of the show. 

Don't miss this wonderful event! Buy your tickets early and SAVE.

Please email with questions.

Posted by: Joe Wood
Published: 8/30/17

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Enter your own Parent Hours!


New in 2017-18: Families will be entering their own parent hours! Welcome emails will be sent on Wednesday, August 23rd.


Many of you requested that we move to a system like AtoZ Directory where you can enter and track your own parent hours. We know that our parents contribute so much to the Performing and Fine Arts Academy.  Thank you for documenting your efforts for us.


Click HERE for step by step instructions on entering hours


Enter hours at


Contact Linda Mattsson-Boze with any questions.

Posted by: Linda Mattsson-Boze
Published: 8/22/17

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Hello PFAA Families, 


It was great to see so many of you at Schedule Pick-up over the last few days!


Now that many of you have your students' class schedules for the coming year,  I wanted to write and review the schedule change request procedure and policy for adding an optional 8th class.  

Please follow this link to complete the Schedule Change Request form. All schedule change requests must use this form.  Paper versions will not be accepted this year.  Once you submit the request, please print the confirmation page have a parent/guardian sign and date it. This will be used for parent approval which is required for any schedule change. 


Students wishing to add an optional 8th class should review the 2017-18 Master Schedule to determine which class they would like to request.  Optional 8th classes must be chosen from electives within the 7th or 8th period class time that the student has unscheduled.  We will not be able to move multiple classes to accommodate a request for an optional 8th class from another period.  Students may only request courses for which they have completed the prerequisites.  The following courses are level 1 classes during 7th or 8th period that may be requested by students of any grade level: Wood and Brass, Strings 1, 3D Digital Design, Modern 1.

Once the request has been submitted Counselors and Administrators will review your request in the order they are received. You will be contacted by a staff member within 3-6 days. 


Requests to add an 8th class should be submitted by Friday, August 11th by 4 pm.


The last day to submit a schedule change request will be Friday, August 18th by noon. 



Thank you and have a great 2017-2018 academic year! 



Matthew DeMeritt
PFAA Coordinator

Posted by: Matthew DeMeritt
Published: 8/8/17

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Dear PFAA Parents,

It’s hard to believe that summer has flown by and we are less than two weeks away from the beginning of the new school year!   I am so excited to start this new year and explore the new possibilities for teaching and learning that we will find with our new bell schedule.  Last week an email with information on our new Block Schedule was sent out to all PFAA families.  That information is also available on the school website under the “Announcements” section on the homepage -  If you haven't already responded to the important survey regarding your students unscheduled class period, please take a moment to do so now by following this link.

The first day of school will be Wednesday, August 9th. School will start at 9:40 a.m. (late start Wednesday). Students will be able to pick up their schedules August 7 and 8th, according to the times and dates listed below:

  • Grade 9                             Monday, August 7th    12:30 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.      
  • Grades 7, 8, 10, 11, 12      Monday, August 7th      1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.       
  • Grade 6                             Tuesday, August 8th     10:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.   

Incoming 6th and 9th grade students should have received additional information regarding new student orientations. If you have not received information for your new student, please contact Jason Molay at 

  • 9th Grade Orientation- Monday, August 7th from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
  • 6th Grade Orientation- Tuesday, August 8th from  8:30 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

Parents of incoming 6th graders are invited to attend the parent portion of 6th grade orientation on Tuesday, August 8th at 8:30 the Multipurpose Room.  All other parents that are new to the PFAA are invited to attend Parent Orientation on Monday, August 7th at 11:00 a.m. in the Benvenuti Performing Arts Center. 

Students and families are encouraged to make every effort to attend schedule pickup during the times above, however schedules may also be picked up in the front office between 1:00-2:30 p.m. on August 8th, as well as on August 9th before the start of school. Any student wishing to change his or her schedule should visit to fill out a Schedule Change Request Form.  Further information on schedule changes or adding an optional 8th class is available at that web address. 

Special note to parents of incoming 7th graders and all new 8th - 12th-grade students: Please remember that documentation of your student’s whooping cough booster (Tdap), as well as all other required vaccines, is required to attend classes. Students who do not have documentation of receiving the booster may receive unexcused absences until this state requirement is met. Returning students that have already provided documentation do not need to provide another copy. Students will not be able to pick up their schedule until a vaccination record has been provided.

I want to welcome all of our new families to the Performing and Fine Arts Academy and welcome back our returning families as well.  We think you will agree that PFAA is an extraordinary learning community and we are thrilled that you have chosen to be a part of it.  We look forward to seeing you and your student and are excited about the upcoming school year!  



Warm Regards,

Matthew DeMeritt
PFAA Academy Coordinator
Natomas Charter School 

Posted by: Matthew DeMeritt
Published: 7/31/17

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Hello PFAA Families,


I hope you are having a wonderful summer!  I am writing to share some important information about the new PFAA Block Schedule for the coming school year.  The schedule can be viewed by following this link. -   Here are some important points for parents and students to remember in preparation for the new year.


  1. The PFAA school hours for 2017-18 will be 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.  Wednesdays will still be a “Late Start Day” for all students.  School hours on Wednesday will be 9:40 am - 3:30 pm.


  1. The schedule is divided  into “Odd Days,” “Even Days,” and “Full Schedule Wednesdays.”  On Odd Days (Mondays and Thursdays), Class Periods 1, 3, 5, and 7 meet for 85 minutes each.  On Even Days (Tuesdays and Fridays), Periods 2, 4, 6, and 8 meet for 85 minutes each.  On Full Schedule Wednesdays, all periods (1-8) meet for approximately 33 minutes each.  


  1. As in years past, each student will be assigned a schedule of seven classes/courses per year.  This schedule will be available for pickup on Monday, August 7, 2017 between 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm for 7th - 12th graders, and on Tuesday, August 8th for 6th graders as part of 6th grade orientation (8:30 am-11:30 pm).  All students will be assigned classes in periods 1-6.  Each student will be assigned an additional class that will fall into either period 7 or period 8.  The unassigned period (the opposite of the assigned 7th or 8th) will be unscheduled time.  

    1. Example 1:  A student with an assigned 8th period and an unscheduled 7th period would finish school at 1:55 pm on Monday and Thursday and 3:30 pm on Tuesday and Friday.  On Wednesdays this student would arrive for their 8th period at 9:40 am and would be finished with school after their 6th period at 2:55 pm.  

    2. Example 2: A student with an assigned 7th period and an unscheduled 8th period would finish school at 3:30 pm on Monday and Thursday and 1:55 pm on Tuesday and Friday.  On Wednesdays this student would arrive for their 1st period at 10:17 am and would be finished with school after their 7th period at 3:30 pm.  


In short, the unscheduled period (either 7th or 8th period) means that formal classes for each student will end school at 1:55 pm on two of the days per school week. We believe that this format offers students and their families a variety of possible options during this flexible time.  Three options are listed below for the unscheduled time::


Option 1:  Dismissal - Following the end of their final scheduled period of the day, students with an unscheduled period may be picked up/leave campus at 1:55 pm.  This provides opportunities for students to pursue extra-curricular opportunities outside of school such as private lessons, internships, jobs or sports.


Option 2: Study Halls - As in years past, there will be study halls available after school for students who are in need of additional academic support or who need a supervised location due to parent work schedules.  These study halls will have limited capacity and should only be utilized by students requiring additional homework support or assistance. Dismissal from study hall will be at the end of the school day at 3:30 pm.


Option 3:  Enroll in an Additional PFAA Class - We will also have some space in 7th/8th period elective classes.  Enrolling in an additional elective class is a full year commitment.  Attendance and participation in all activities and assignments is required, and the student will receive a grade for the class.  Students who pursue this option will have a very full schedule of 8 classes and will require approval by the Academy Coordinator and school counselor.  Students wishing to add an optional 8th period must submit a class change request to the counseling center.  These requests will be accepted beginning on Tuesday, August 8 at 1:00-3:00 pm.  More information will be sent out about enrolling in an optional class as the start of the year draws closer. Please note: If the interest in additional classes exceeds the availability of these courses, the additional courses will be assigned to interested students through a lottery process.  


Survey of Options 1, 2 and 3

To assist the school in accommodating the option that best meets the needs of your student, we ask that you please complete this Google form by August 1, 2017.  -


As we progress into the school year there will be multiple opportunities to provide feedback on the new schedule.  If you have a comment, question, or concern that needs immediate attention, please contact me directly via email - There will also be monthly conversations about the schedule at the P4A meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. Finally, periodic surveys will be administered to parents, students, and staff.  


I’m looking forward to this coming year and can’t wait to see how this new endeavor will positively impact our students!  




Matthew DeMeritt

PFAA Coordinator

Posted by: Matthew DeMeritt
Published: 7/21/17

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Reduce summer brain drain and start the school year strong.  Plus, earn some extra credit and parent hours along the way.  Follow the links to find summer assignments.


Summer Math for All Grades - 6th, 7th, and 8th


Summer Reading for Incoming 6th Grade

Posted by: Amanda Goldman
Published: 6/13/17

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Dear Incoming 6th-grade families

At the math placement tests, students were given a packet with summer work.  While summer work is optional, it is highly encouraged as a way to reduce a loss of skills and content.  We have done our best to create assignments that are fun and engaging, as well as providing choice for students and families.  These assignments are the same for PFAA and LE and can be done without access to NCS tech accounts.  

If your student misplaced the hard copies, links to the documents are available here:



Also in the packet was a Save-the-Date for Orientation

6th-grade parent and student orientation will be held  Tuesday, August 8th, 8:30-12:30.


Thank you!

Posted by: Matthew DeMeritt
Published: 5/9/17

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Check out the latest issue of the The Knightly News!

Posted by: Matthew DeMeritt
Published: 4/2/17

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Hello PFAA families


I am excited to share with you an announcement regarding next school year's bell schedule. Over the past 12 months the staff and instructors have been collaborating to both deepen and broaden our academic and instructional program at PFAA. In alignment with the NCS strategic goal to reimagine and strengthen teaching and learning, we continuously challenge ourselves to deepen learning experiences, challenge students with practical application of knowledge, and maximize the use of critical thinking throughout every academic and artistic subject. Through self-reflection analysis over the past several months, it became apparent that our academy would need to break from the traditional, seven-period day to reach our goals.  As such we have examined ways to redesign the time students spend in classroom to better facilitate the depth of learning our students need. The product of that redesign is the schedule I share with you today. In the attached document you will see a visualization of the new Odd/Even Block schedule. As you can see there are a number of changes to the daily experience for PFFA students. As you examine I am certain that you will also see the myriad of benefit our students will experience while learning on the block schedule.


I'd like to review some of the major changes:


  1. Throughout most of the week only four classes meet each day. Periods 1, 3, 5, and 7 meet on Monday and Thursday – these are known as "Odd Days."  Periods 2, 4, 6, and 8 meet on Tuesdays and Fridays – these are known as "Even Days."  On Odd and Even Days classes all meet for 85 minutes.  

  2. Late start Wednesdays will continue to be in effect. On late-start Wednesdays, all classes meet for for approximately 33 minutes. This allows PFAA teachers to continue participating in regular professional development and will be used by instructors for additional, weekly face-to-face instruction and content review.

  3. The addition of an optional 8th period into the standard class rotation will allow for each student to have their 7th or 8th period as release time.  We anticipate that on two days a week, students will be finished with their instructional day at 2:00 pm and will be able to go home or participate in on campus study halls, extra curricular activities, etc.  Note: On Wednesdays, the 7th and 8th periods bookend the day to allow for a later arrival time or early dismissal.  

  4. We have incorporated an Advisory Period within the design of the new schedule.  Advisory time will be utilized differently for middle and high school students.  Middle Schoolers will have this time for facilitated homework checks, agenda checks, and 8th grade portfolio preparation.  High Schoolers will be able to use the Advisory time for homework and organizational planning, but will also be able to visit other teachers for office hours.  The advisory periods would allow for  students and teachers to better use  allotted lunch time to eat, rest, and socialize, rather than try to squeeze in teacher/student meetings  

  5. Finally, an afternoon 9th period has been added to the schedule.  This is a High School only period that will house a handful of audition-only classes (Production and Dance Company), as well as the Academic Support class.  The Academic Support class will be an additional elective for students who need support in maintaining GPA expectations and can participate in study skills and guided homework completion.


As with any significant change, we are expecting questions, concerns, and a process of adjustment.  To facilitate each family in having a voice in this development we will be holding a PFAA Town Hall meeting to answer questions and facilitate further development.  This meeting will be held at 5:30pm on March 21st in the Multi-Purpose Room on campus.  You are invited to attend to see a presentation on the new schedule and be part of the development conversation.  


The outstanding PFAA staff and I are  excited to be a part of this innovating development for PFAA and look forward to partnering with our families in providing PFAA students with the best possible educational experience.  


Link to Proposed 2017-18 Bell Schedule



Matthew DeMeritt
PFAA Academy Coordinator

Posted by: Matthew DeMeritt
Published: 3/10/17

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The NCS school year calendar for 2017-18 is now available. 

Posted by: Matthew DeMeritt
Published: 1/3/17

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Posted by: Matthew DeMeritt
Published: 5/3/16